I prefer doing everything myself. It’s hard to delegate.

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#18 Diya SelvaI remember in the earliest part of starting my business, I grew too fast before I was prepared and I had to recruit two employees and delegate tasks. Every single day I was drowning in anxiety because after all, it is my business, my baby, I’m the only person who knows how to do certain things a certain way and employees would only ruin it.

I found out I was burning myself out even though I had delegated a lot of tasks, I was micromanaging each employee to a point where it looked like I might as well do it myself. Delegation could mean hiring employees or freelancers. I outlined some differences in this blog post. If hiring employees is too much on your plate, freelancers might be a good idea, just click here and get in touch with yours truly! Here’s three reasons you find it hard to delegate.

My business is my baby! I can’t delegate my baby!

Yes, you can. Your children go to pre-school, kindergarten, school, college and university. You delegated staff of these institutions to take care of your babies. They needed that. So does your business.

Perfection is the nemesis of productivity.

Delegation doesn’t come easily to small business owners. Although it starts with a very simple desire to offload some work so that you can focus better on the work that brings in dollars, you still hold on tight. A lot of entrepreneurs have lost productivity in pursuit of perfection. Once you let go of the idea of how “everything has to be the way I do it”, only then delegation mindset can be adopted.

Insecurity and Anxiety pop in when I delegate.

Delegation cloud Diya SelvaInsecurity is the main reason why small business owners find it difficult to delegate. However efficient and competent your employees might be, because you lack confidence in yourself about your ability to maintain a proper working order in your team, your team suffers.

This actually kills the team spirit and your employees are too confused and nervous, they start walking on egg shells around you. Nothing gets done and productivity goes down the drain.

Instead here’s what you should be doing.

Hire the right people.

Don’t sign employment contracts with the first people that apply. Interview the right way, in three steps, then get background checks and talk to their professional references.

Train them hard before you delegate.

Outline a training program even before you hire people. Consider the tasks that you would be shifting onto their shoulders and create a training program based on it. Tweak and polish your program whenever your needs change. when you have a proper training program in place with easy actionable steps, employees are more likely to hone the skills necessary to help you in your business.

Compromise with the need for perfection.

Like I said, perfection is the enemy of productivity. If you wait forever for an employee to become perfect and then stop micromanaging, you are wasting your time. Every employee you hire brings in fresh perspectives and her own flairs into your business. This is how team culture is created. In the long run a good team culture will turn your business into a great business.

Instill powerful team environment. 

Great teamwork does not happen on its own. Every individual starts contributing creatively when they feel valued and  appreciated, As an employer you will find it rewarding when you promote intellectual learning and stimulate employees to perform and feel a sense of achievement.

A healthy team provides skilled teamwork and enables excellence in your business. It all starts when you decide to delegate and not burn out.


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