Minimalism and Mindfulness

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A Cluttered Office is a Cluttered Mind. This is all about the need for minimalism and mindfulness.

I’d rather have an Empty Office (and mind)

Minimalism Diya SelvaOh, I thought that was funny!

While staying home to help flatten the curve, I felt it might be the perfect time to start practicing what I’ve been thinking about for a long time. And while I’m happily progressing with my intention, I thought it might even be fun to write this post.

When your business is an integral part of your life, embracing minimalism and mindfulness into your personal life affects your business big time, in a good way of course. I want to share with you my slow (but very enjoyable) journey into minimalism. I’m not there yet, but halfway through.

More often than not, what we physically see around us manifests in our mental health. When you walk into your office and you see clutter everywhere, are you aware of the chaos that dances in your mind? A messy friend had once said “I thrive in clutter”.

When I started practicing mindfulness, I was becoming more and more aware of the clutter around me and how it directly created the jumble in my mind, like a fog pulling me down. Whether it was the inside of my fridge or the top of my desk, or kitchen countertops or the contents of my drawer, the more the clutter, the more chaotic my mind became.

Chaos Management

minimalism and mindfulness diya selvaOrganizing stuff by eliminating the unnecessary and clearing clutter started to open mental pathways for me. Gradually I was finding peace and focus… and I could do what I wanted to do, much easily. With chaos management, came mental clarity and productivity that led to a better sense of achievement and pride in self.

Less is more, like a minimalist says it. To a lot of people minimalism and mindfulness is very disturbing or a hard to understand notion. I know it is not easy turning into a minimalist overnight. But taking one step at a time, conquering clutter and chaos will finally get you to a point where you have this amazing harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Eliminating things from your life one at a time big difference.

How did it all start?

It was a simple case of not being able to find something important, have a tiff with the spouse about it and spending a few hours wondering why life is so full of clutter. No, we do not like in a bad disharmony like we have seen some people do, but we could have been better. If only I hadn’t collected so much junk, my important document wouldn’t have gotten itself buried deep.

I decided to what my father used to say. “If a surface is cluttered and you can’t decide how to clear it, just start by removing 10 things that don’t belong there. Find them homes and them come back to the next 10 things. Meanwhile, here, read another article about Chasing Your Dreams!

How did I go about it?

MKondo Diya Selva

Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix or Read her book “Does it Spark Joy?” Click image to go to her website.

Purging is the biggest helper. First, I threw away all the garbage and junk that I had collected. Then it was all those things that are too good to throw away but someone else could use. I packed them off to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Then taking the advice of Marie Kondo, whatever did not spark joy or was not useful anymore, I added to the donation basket.

If you’d like feel as free as I feel these days using the Marie Kondo method, check out a step by step guide and checklist by Jo Miller at Happy DIY Home.

Simple does it. Minimalism and mindfulness are the parents of Chaos Management. Now I save time, money, energy and have no more tiffs with the spouse and no more guilt about being irresponsible. The less junk you have the more joy you feel.

When you have less, you spend less time organizing yourself. Everything there is needs to have its own space or placement so you don’t spend a lot of time hunting for what you need.

We have excuses!

When it comes to hoarding, or collecting as we call it, we have way too many excuses. Oh, this shirt doesn’t fit anymore, but can be altered. Oh, this candle was a gift from a client six years ago, haven’t opened it yet, but I will soon. Oh this thing, I totally forgot I had it, if I remembered I’d have used it for sure.

If you got this far into my article, what are your insights? Please write your comments below or tell me on social media!

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