I don’t need social media for my business.

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Social Media why Diya selvaExcuse me? Did you say you do not need social media marketing for your business? Ha ha Ha ha ha… I’m almost having a pain in my stomach from grabbing it hard and laughing. I’m rolling on the floor laughing hard now. On Day 21 of April Blog Challenge, let’s talk about this.

Now, I would say, unless you are a dealer in narcotics or weapons or some other illegal stuff, or if you are a hit man or contract killer, you wouldn’t want your thug life to be marketed on social media. But any legitimate businesses that are out there have nothing but to gain by marketing on these social platforms. Here’s a tip of the iceberg of how social media marketing can add to your business.

Grow awareness of your brand.

The whole world is out there on social media and so are your customers. So it’s a no brainer to hang out where your customers do, and be known and noticed. The more aware people are of you, the easier it is for you to use social media to increase foot traffic into your store or web traffic into your website and promote your product and services.

Generate a buzz.

Get people to talk about your brand. Strategize a plan that will generate conversation among your current and prospective clients about your products and services. TThere’s nothing like happy customers singing praises of you, being heard by their friends who in curiosity about you and your services will bring them to you. #tweetdisel Click To Tweet

Engagement with your audience.

social media marketingFacilitate commenting on your social media messages. Create your brand ambassadors and have people do most of the advertising work for you for free. Network with other companies and collaborate with them to work together. Solicit feedback about your product and services. Periodically create contests and giveaways to generate interest from crowds that’ll eventually turn into your fans.

Listen to your followers.

Social listening helps you understand your audience and build better relationships. When you understand your customers, their pain points and habits, you will find it easier to refine your product strategy or discover other opportunities.

Traffic non-stop.

Use social media to generate traffic into your store or into your blog or website. Create interesting content through diverse inbound traffic streams. Become the top authority or market leader in your niche by creating high quality content on your website or blog. Distributed via social media channels will also help link building tactics.

Conversion and ROI

Driving conversions and calculating return on investment is very easy on social media. Add appropriate CTA buttons on your social media profiles that will empower prospects to visit your website, read your blog, purchase products or buy your services. Back up your social media efforts by email marketing and retargeting and constantly keep the customer engaged so you do not lose a sale.

Promote your content

Most of Social Media activities are free unless you promote your content. Promoting content expands your audience and brings in new sets of eyes and minds to your website and products.

Offer Customer Services

Stand abreast of competition by offering customer service via social media. In the modern age, most brands are social and are listening to their audience on social platforms. By adding Social Media as an addition to your PR strategy, you are making a huge positive change in your business.

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Finally, your competition is on Social media. If you do not take over your market share off social media presence, you lose authority in your industry. If you’re not on social media, you are not driving in that revenue from a huge client sector. Find out what platforms are appropriate for your niche. Find out where your competitors are and where your customers hang out and get yourself there.

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