Online Coaching

Online Coach Diya SelvaWhile online coaching is on hold at the moment , (I’m in the midst of updating all information and repackaging content from my previous courses) until the end of August 2020, here’s a glimpse of what online coaching looks like.

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Free email courses:

This form of online coaching are drip courses that you receive in your email inbox at scheduled times either every day or three days a week. Email courses do not end with a test. So, lucky you! Examples of my upcoming email courses are:

  1. Effective goal setting (3 weeks)
  2. How to start and manage your own strategy consultant business (2 weeks)
  3. How to be successful at email marketing (2 weeks)

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses also get dripped into your email inbox. I charge a nominal fee for these courses. You have my hundred percent support during the course via email and chat. I call this short term online coaching. A few examples to my correspondence courses that I am currently repackaging are:

  1. 8 weeks Course on “Marketing to a Million Customers”
  2. 6 weeks Course on “How to start your own virtual assistance business and thrive”
  3. 12 weeks Course on “Smart goal setting and strategies to follow through”

Online Mentoring

Online mentoring is similar to private coaching but it’s not a tailored program. Participants are grouped with similar others who are trying to achieve the same goal. This form of online coaching starts with a goal setting and strategy workshop online, and buddy based accountability program is infused into a six month or 12 month program. Commitment to your chosen period is very necessary. 

If any of this peaked your interest, delay no further. Shoot me an email to diya at diya selva dot com with a brief introduction of yourself, your business, and what your goals and visions are for the next 12 months. Or just hit the button and let’s get crackin’!