Private Coaching

What is Private Coaching or Coaching 101? What should you expect?

  • Intense
  • Action Driven
  • Focused on Strategy and
  • Result Oriented

    is how my clients describe my private One on One Coaching method.

Diya Selva Business CoachingEvery business is different and each entrepreneur I come across has unique traits. You have chosen to be an entrepreneur because you have distinct traits that have the potential of making you fabulous.

I love working with people who are constantly seeking positive changes, personal growth and long-term gratification in their business career. I seek coaching partnerships where you and I are constantly achieving personal development and growth.

My one on one coaching package unwraps with realizing your potential, gaining real clarity and focus of your goals and finding the perfect strategy to achieve them. Whether you just wish to get to a higher level in your existing business or rebrand yourself and transition into a new business, my coaching package is tailored suit your needs.

I believe a coach is an enabler, your sounding board, and the extra push when and where you need. You’ve walked alone long enough, go on, hit the contact button and get in touch with me.

How does Coaching One on One work?

We start with an alignment session where we achieve an absolute clarity and focus on where you are in your business right now and where you want to be. Based on the outcome of this session I create a coaching package tailored to the achievement of your success.

get shit done diya selvaWe then create a strong business plan, set smart goals to be achieved during certain time frames, and chalk out strategic ways and methods to get there. We touch base every often to round up focus, motivation and accountability. Coaching sessions are bi-weekly when we visit and revisit our goals and tweak strategies as often as necessary to achieve the perfect alignment.

My coaching sessions are designed to see your business and you, reaching full potential. This program is only meant for entrepreneurs who are fully committed to change and willing to embrace new challenges and positive changes. Warning: this program is not for those with a negative mindset who claim that nothing can help them or that coaching doesn’t work.

When you’re on this program you can expect:

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Action plans with reports and templates
  • One on one intensive workshops every 90 days
  • Full email and phone support from me
  • Templates and tools to conduct key business activities and record growth
  • Steady growth in your business
  • Optional add-on services like virtual assistance where my team can help take away some of the nitty-gritty tasks that you waste time on, while running  your business.