Thought Partner Collaboration and Mastermind 

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Thought Partner Collaboration and Mastermind

So, you are a driven solo-preneur hoping to make it big but you keep getting stuck? 

Are you longing to be part of a like minded community that will keep you accountable and motivated?

Would sharing your unique perspectives with other solo-preneurs just like you, bring out the best in you?

Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?

Grab this opportunity of being a part of the Thought Partner Collaboration and Mastermind (TPCM) initiative. Get coached into taking your business to that level of success you have only dreamed of.



  • What is it? 

    • tpcm diya selvaTPCM is a close-knit network of solo-preneurs who support each other’s journey through accountability and motivation. For aspiring solo-preneurs, this community can be a sounding board by sharing ideas and thoughts. 
    • For seasoned solo-preneurs, this is an opportunity to expand your horizons, break through the glass ceiling and reach up for higher goals. Wherever you are in your business, with TPCM you have only one way to move. Higher. Up. We also have one seat per profession in each mastermind pod and no more than 3 hot seats every meeting.
  • How is this networking group different from the others in town? What makes it unique?TPC is more than a networking group. It’s a community. In addition to staying connected with the team, TPCM facilitates one on one coaching to have more balance and fulfillment in your business life, overcome insecurities that keep you from getting to the next level of achievement. Several VIP days, and group workshops, constant touch points with the team, keep members stay focused and never lose sight of your goals and big picture. 

  • Why do I need thought partners?

    • To stay on track with your business plan
    • To develop a strong skill set alongside with a growth mindset
    • To receive objective and constructive feedback
    • To expand your horizon and explore innovative ideas
    • To get unstuck in business and be a performer
    • To kill procrastination and stay on top of your goals
    • Read my blog post on more benefits

  • Is there a joining criteria?

      • Committed entrepreneurs who are hungry to learn.
      • Willingness to a) commit to the time necessary and b) be open to adopting new habits
      • Strong persons who are open to adopting changes and receiving constructive criticism in the process.
      • Since membership is one seat per profession, our ideal members run their business with a passion and have a penchant to scale their business, personally grow from the experience and bring a zing into the team.
  • Where and how often do we meet?

    • Before Covid19, we met twice every month at local buffet restaurants in Mississauga or Brampton. We were formerly known as “Get On The Hook”.
    • Now we continue to do so in the comfort of our own homes via Zoom. Every month we have 4 mandatory meetings (once a week) and several touch points with the team.
  • What happens during the meetings?

    • Each meeting has 3 hot seats or focus persons.
    • Meeting is called to order by the facilitator followed by a brief introduction of the focus persons.
    • The focus persons then have the opportunity to present their business concept and strategic plan with the group. The focus persons also share their challenges or roadblocks with the group.
    • Following the presentation, the host facilitates group discussions around exploring solutions for the focus persons, identifying blindspots and highlighting best practices. 
    • Everyone leaves the meeting with a to-do list of growth related activities which each person is held accountable for until the next meeting.
  • How can I be a member?

    • Fill out an application and add every reason why you would like to be a part of the team and what you bring to the table. After a qualifying call, the team makes a decision on your acceptance. 
  • What is the fee to join?

    • There is an application fee of $35 that covers admin fee. When you are accepted, Canadians pay $987 plus applicable taxes that covers meetings, coaching fees and all the workshops for 6 months. US Citizens pay in USD and pay no tax.
    • The coaching fee is the program fee and cannot be paid in instalments. Participation in TPCM for a full period of 6 months is mandatory and is necessary if you wish to see strong changes in you and your business.
  • Tell me more about the coaching process.

    • Business Coaching is offered by Diya Summer Selva, known to friends and colleagues popularly as Summer. Summer has adopted an integrative approach to business coaching, incorporating coaching models from Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Kain Ramsay from the The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology and Louise Anne Maurice from the Fearless Entrepreneur Academy. 
    • Summer’s coaching model is carefully constructed on developing an entrepreneurial and growth mindset, integrating sustainable behavioral changes with a focus on maintaining it to prevent regression. #TPCMCanada Click To Tweet
    • With TPCM membership, mentees get 2x 30 minute one on one brisk, in-depth coaching sessions, 2x 2.5hrs TPCM meetings, access to my accountability club page on Facebook and free entry and participation in my Social Engagement Capsules on Facebook.
    • You will also receive personalized templates and workbooks and discounted tickets to any workshops we host. 
    • While enfolding productivity, creativity and accountability into her processes, Summer encapsulates three focuses into one on one coaching. 
      • Behavioural Change through Neuro Linguistic Programming
      • Eliminating Roadblocks and Amplify Results
      • Smart Marketing Strategy

You know it. TPCM is what you have been waiting for to take your business to the next level and the next. Why waste time? My next group gets started on July 12 2021. Download an application below, fill it out and submit online. Hit the Paypal Buy Now button or send me an eTransfer and let’s get started. 

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