It’s Friday night. And you have a sh*tload of paper work to finish before you hit the bed tonight. You’re a solo-preneur! (A highly fashionable term for a person who runs her business all by herself). You’re a tough nut to crack! You are invincible. Yes! And you got it done by 2AM! Huzzah!

It’s Saturday morning, but you have no energy left for the weekend… You looked forward to the weekend, promised the kids, they are so excited, but you’re too tired. But, you got the paperwork done, right? Nothing else matters. After all, you are an entrepreneur!

When you started out, things were quite exciting. And now it’s too difficult to keep up. But wait, you don’t need to walk the mile alone… Guess what? You can have your cake and eat it too! With an extra layer of icing if you like!

certified OBMI’m Diya Selva. I am a Certified  Online Business Manager and my team is a solid group of virtual assistants. My mission here, is to help you do more and be more. To rekindle your spark!

What do you think Martha Stewart, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres all have in common? They do what they do best and hire other people to do the rest.

I have a simple approach to business. I work as your partner, understand the running of your business, then I ensure that you leverage your time as an entrepreneur efficiently.  Go on a whim, hire me. And just watch how you will re-discover your passion, get your focus back and enjoy the freedom to create more, when my team and I take over the nitty-gritty tasks that run your business.

It’s 2020, The world has evolved into the digital era, the days of doing business by ‘Word of Mouth’ is obsolete and it can only go so far. Consumers need to see your presence 24/7/365 but Flyers, news paper inserts rarely drive anymore traffic to your business.links diya selva

Bill board advertisements are hardly noticed in this fast moving world. None of these ever showcase your achievements, quality of your products nor describe your passion towards your customer.

You are an expert in promoting your business/ enterprise and your time should be used in furthering it to new levels.   Do what you do best and hire our expertise to elevate your business further. However, Digital marketing is not for the faint of heart, many have tried themselves and got nowhere. The nitty-gritty tasks involved will bog your valuable time and make you lose focus on actually running the business.

Our qualified team has the tools, expertise and knowledge to showcase your ventures the way you want it – local, regional or global with SEO optimization. We offer web design and social media coverage in various platforms to keep you fully visible to your existing and future clientele, including secure websites for online eCommerce. Our team of virtual assistants can also undertake mundane office work like digitizing paper documents, bills and receipts, contact management, newsletters.

Contact us now for a fruitful discussion and let’s tailor a package that takes care of your entrepreneurial needs.