Here’s why eagles fascinate me.

Eagles Diya Selva There is a reason for this blog post. Many people ask me why I’m so obsessed with eagles. Here is why, eagles are independent, fearless, feared, tenacious.

They fly high, never give up, never surrender, have a magnificent vision, powerful yet graceful. They are the symbol of honour, pride and leadership. Well, leadership! Eagles are leaders, leaders need to be like eagles, learn from eagles. A leader, I was never one, until that one day…

My life changed when I heard this story from a person very important and inspiring to me. A simple short story about an eagle who dropped to the ground as a baby and grew up among chickens.

When a farmer discovered an eagle’s egg, he stole it and put it among the eggs laid by his hen. The clueless mother hen hatched the egg along with her own and lo and behold, emerged an Eagle. Everything appeared to be normal in the chicken world, the little eagle learned to do all the things that the chickens do, clucking, scratching the dirt for worms, and believing for real that he was a chicken too.

Eagles2 Diya Selva All was fine and dandy until one day he looked up and saw an eagle soaring above. Curious little eagle asked his chicken brothers what that magnificent thing in the sky was. One of the chickens replied, “Oh well, that… That is the king of birds, he is a bird of the heavens, mighty and great, not like us. We are only chicken. We will never be where he is.” With that all the chickens just looked down and continued scratching the earth. The little eagle sighed and went back to his worm digging too.

Now, the reader of the story has realized the potential of this bird, but the little eagle hasn’t. He lived and died a chicken. And that was just because he did not know any better. I can relate with the little eagle. Many people are like this eagle, like I used to be, allowing my environment and people around me to dictate to me who I can be and who I cannot.

Each of us have an eagle inside us. My message here is, do not let people dictate to you, your worth. Do not let your environment, your society, religion or social circle shape your life for you. Design your own life. Carve your own destiny. Be the eagle.

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