Here’s why eagles fascinate me.

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Awakening the Eagle Within: A Journey from Conformity to True Potentia

“Why eagles?” That’s a question I often get. You see, the narrative of the eagle is not just about a bird soaring high; it’s about understanding one’s potential, breaking free from limitations, and embodying leadership.

Let me recall a tale I’d read on Reader’s Digest when I was but twelve. Because this was the  tale that pivoted my perspective and ignited my inner leader.

In a quiet village, under the subtle warmth of the sun, a mischievous farmer came upon a glistening egg, unlike any he had ever seen. It was the prized possession of the sky – an eagle’s egg. With mischief in his eyes, he placed it amongst the eggs of his trusty hen, waiting to see the drama unfold.

Under the comforting warmth of the hen, the eagle egg hatched, and out tumbled a young, eager-eyed eaglet, oblivious to his true lineage. Day by day, he grew up, he picked at grains, clucked with his feathered siblings, and wore the cloak of a chicken. Life was simple; life was ordinary.

But destiny has a way of calling out. One sunny afternoon, as our little eaglet was pecking away, he looked up and beheld a sight – a majestic eagle, soaring high, embracing the heavens. Mesmerized, he nudged his chicken kin and asked, “Who is that magnificent creature?”

One of the older chickens, with a hint of resignation, said, “Ah, that’s the king of the birds, the eagle. He rules the vast skies, unlike us, bound to the earth.”

The young eagle, a tad disheartened, went back to his pecking, unaware of the royalty running through his veins.

You see, while we, the observers, see the tragedy of an eagle living a chicken’s life, the young one remained oblivious. He lived and departed from this world as a chicken, not because he lacked potential, but because he didn’t recognize it.

In this story, I saw my reflection. I realized, like that eaglet, many of us allow our background, the voices around us, to shape our beliefs, to define our limits.

You and I, we carry the spirit of the eagle. It’s about time we look beyond what the world tells us, beyond the confinements, to embrace our true potential. We mustn’t let societal norms, faith, or even our close ones dictate our capabilities. The reins of destiny are in our hands.

In echoing the eagle’s cry, I urge you: Design your life’s narrative. Rise above the ordinary. Spread your wings. Embrace the eagle within.

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