Diya Summer Selva Hi. I’m Summer Diya Selva. It’s just Diya Selva actually. The need to use my middle name more often that the first, happened due to most people not being able to pronounce my simple four lettered first name. But, what’s in a name anyway?

Are you just starting your business and looking for marketing options? Or online visibility? Or have you been in business for a while and you are now feeling stuck?

Either way, talk to me and we can work the box and think outside of it to go over a few options to get you on your way to a brilliant success.

Well, I started qualifying myself to be a digital marketing expert 10 years ago at the end of my career as the director of my pet care establishment. I began as a virtual assistant offering digital services and online business management. As I piled addon services to my offers, a complete digital marketing agency was born.

I not only have the collective experience and knowhow to consistently meet the demands of modern marketing, I very immodestly agree that I seem to also have a fun and unique personality as my peers say, which makes me stand out from the crowd.

Hence, I suppose I attract my type of people to work with me, that makes my agency home to a group of creative and innovative individuals that make up a great team. Many clients ask me to manage all their marketing activities, as they appreciate the benefits of the integrated approach.

I’d like to also bring your attention to my other ventures, Bestauranto, Konnexions and Vitameens, three gigs that I’m very passionate about. I consult with restaurant owners and market restaurants at Bestauranto, host networking events and quarterly expos at Konnexions and sell premium and proven Canadian health supplements at my eStore Vitameens.

If you actually read so far, then here’s something personal about me. I immigrated to Canada 17yrs ago when my married my husband and have lived in the same house in Mississauga for those many years. I’ve been called a Mean Coach, a Get Sh*t Done Coach and a Connector by my beloved clients.

I’m mom to a crazy 10yr old Boston Terrier who snores like the thunder and bolts like lightning… and oh yeah, passes deadly gas that makes us wonder how are we still alive! Personally, I love connecting people, listening to the rain on the roof, mentally correcting people’s grammar on social media and pineapple on my pizza.

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