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Diya Selva I cannot manage cash flow

I cannot manage a positive cash flow.

diselva August 3, 2022

Day-to-day operations become difficult or impossible without proper cash flow. This is what actually runs your business by fuelling activities like stocking inventory, paying…

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Are you Neglecting SEO? 5 Reasons Why SEO is so Important

diselva July 28, 2022

Why is SEO important? Well, if your business is a small five client model that you run in your parents basement, let’s not talk.…

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Coaching Diya Selva

This Blog Post… is a Rant. Gossip. Yeah, freak out!

diselva August 28, 2020

I struggle with the label of Coach. One out of every five people I meet in the entrepreneur world calls herself a coach of…

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Instagram hacks diya selva

You are the bad boy of the party if you don’t do this on Instagram

diselva June 13, 2020

Last week, I posted a few hacks for Facebook and Twitter and promised to write up a few for Instagram soon. I love Instagram!…

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HACKS Diya Selva

A Few Social Media Hacks for the “not really beginners”

diselva June 2, 2020

Social media hacks? What? Once upon a time Social Media was used only to make friends or to keep in touch with classmates. And…

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Oprah Diya Selva

Oprah Winfrey – 9 Life Lessons I’ve Drawn From Her.

diselva June 1, 2020

Who hasn’t heard of Oprah Winfrey, a household name all over the world? I never paid much attention to her until I sat down…

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Video Content Marketing Diya Selva

What can I do about video and live stream marketing?

diselva April 28, 2020

People have turned very visual and the greatest part of content marketing has gone video and livestream marketing. on Day 27 of April Blog…

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Virtual Assistant Diya Selva

What can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

diselva April 26, 2020

What can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant? Well, a lot. You might be your business’s founder and overall manager. But that doesn’t mean…

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24 Diya Selva

I have to deal with angry customers in my business.

diselva April 24, 2020

Yes, you need to be a people’s person very much, to be in customer service. When you run your own business, they are your…

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23 Diya Selva

I never made a business plan when I started.

diselva April 23, 2020

So you neglected to write a business plan when you started. It’s okay. A rushed idea or a chance meeting turned into a business…

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