Are you Neglecting SEO? 5 Reasons Why SEO is so Important

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Are you neglecting SEO?Why is SEO important? Well, if your business is a small five client model that you run in your parents basement, let’s not talk. But if you plan to make it big, get found on Google fast and build your own empire we need to have this SEO conversation now.

SEO is the most commonly used term yet commonly misunderstood, in the world of marketing. While SEO does not bring you clients overnight, it is a very important business tool and a solid marketing plan for a business any size.

While traditional off-line marketing is slowly dying down and the digital globe is expanding, here are my 5 reasons why SEO is important and would multiply your ROI in time.

You need SEO for brand visibility.

When people look for your niche, or your brand online, you want them to find you on the first page of Google. As high in the page as you can get. People do not have the patience to go through pages and pages on Google search until they can find you.

If your brand is not visible on the first page or the second, your potential buyer will click on someone else’s website and you lost business. The more people click on your website on a Google search, the more chances are that your website will be displayed in the top search. This eventually increases the trust Google has in you.

Get traffic into your website through SEO.

The very first step for conversion of a visitor into a customer is to bring him to your website. If you have a highly optimized website, chances are great that you rank higher and higher by each day. This potentially brings in a ton of traffic. Of course traffic alone does not bring you any money. But it does develop  strong trust in your future website visitors because Google has put you above your competitors, subconsciously suggesting that you are more trusted than others.Diya Selva SEO

Best ROI on advertising.

SEO is an inbound marketing strategy which means with this tool you can market to people in their own time and need. When you advertise on Google, people are looking for a service like yours. You are not interrupting them by throwing your billboard in their faces when they are least interested in it.

When people are looking for certain services or products and you are a business that deals with exactly the same, they search the Internet and Google puts you in their way. At this point after reading your advertisement, a visitor is convinced that you are the perfect business to purchase from. SEO has already done the legwork for you.

You can gain insight into your customers through Google analytics.

When you have started receiving a good amount traffic through SEO, analytics can track your traffic and you can use the analyzed database to fine-tune your optimization. Analytics will help you find what advertisement how brought in the most traffic. You can narrow it to what days of the week and what hours of the day. This analyzation is extremely important because it helps you tweak your strategies and get in front of more tailored customers.

Organic SEO is much lower in cost than PPC.

Organic is where you do not invest in pay per click campaigns. You spend absolutely no money but plenty of time and energy. Organic SEO is highly time-consuming. But if you are in no rush, you can slowly build on content and strategy. This way you slowly gain authority on your focus topic of business. But in my opinion, a small investment periodically in pay per click advertising goes a long way. The benefits of Search Engine Optimization just keep giving.

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