What should I know about “Backlinks”?

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Diya Selva BacklinksWhat are Backlinks? They are web links that direct you from one website to another. It’s something that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies use to increase network traffic, promote their websites to get more visitors, and potential clients.

Backlinks is a necessity for SEO companies because of its capacity to increase their ranks and get impressive views. So on my Day 16 of April Blogging Challenge, let’s talk of 7 great ways to get backlinks.

There are two kinds of back-links; they are called – inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are hyperlinks that direct a web page from a different site to your site and an outbound link is the opposite. There are lots of ways how to get excellent back-links, being creative, focusing on ideas by reading articles and patience in visiting possible websites that get increase your page network traffic. 

Let me share 7 great ways to get backlinks. 

  1.    Invest in Article Marketing

Investing in Article marketing is one way of getting quality backlinks. Posting on reputable and quality article banks and directories like Seek Sally and Desi Connect can get you a lot of audience and back-links. You can either deposit or lend articles to gain visibility. Link each articles to other articles in your blog. Here’s one about Inbound Marketing that I’ll be publishing tomorrow.

Having a good anchor text and desirable content to share can hype up your reader’s enthusiasm. Plus article marketing validates proficiency and knowledge in your field , credibility, and reputation. Finally, it can help you to get the numbers you want to see on your bottom line. Ask us for a chance to guest post on Seek Sally and Desi Connect.

  1.     Utilizing Social Media

backlinks blog diya selvaAccording to statistics, there are an estimated 7.5 people in the world and a third of them use social media every day. Based on the numbers that I mentioned, with the proper and effective use of anchor text, targeting a big population is possible. 

The majority of social media networking sites allow you to add back-links. Choose the best ones to get quality back-links such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. They’re usually the ones in the top ranking profiles, with the right words and creativity you can achieve your goal in no time. 

  1.    Take Advantage of Press Releases

One thing I like about Press release articles is how they capture my attention without an effort even though I don’t really have an idea about the people involved. I can’t help but scan through the pages, and there are times that I find interesting backlink articles and quickly check on it.  Apart from social media, posting backlinks to press release is something that you want to consider.

Not everyone has social media or is inactive but everyone reads everything they find interesting on the internet, and this is one advantage I consider a lot. Plus they press release articles, supplies to smaller sites that are then introduced to news sites. 

  1.  Link Exchange 

links diya selvaLink Exchange is the process of exchanging links with someone who wants to increase their network traffic as well. It is a way of professionally asking someone if you can place your link on their site and vice versa. It has some disadvantage and harmful yes, but it’s something that can contribute to your page rank and gain visitors.

  1. Creating PDF files and Document Sharing Sites

One smart way to get quality backlinks is uploading PDF articles to document sharing sites. There are a lot of readers out there who’s willing to download a PDF file and open every link they see which creates an opportunity for the writers to get more back-links. They have high rankings in page views and in search engines as well. Plus most of them are trusted by Google and are do-follow. 

  1.    Promoting Back-links as a Guest Blogger

Being an excellent writer can get you good backlinks. There are a lot of respectable blog sites where you can post quality articles. It’s like link exchange but this time, you exchange blogs. This is one good way to increase network traffic and create a well-known name in the industry. Drop my Link is a fantastic tool for looking through guest blogging.

  1.     Post Comments

Proper and valuable commenting is something that can help you to gain more audience and an excellent number of back-links. There are a lot of websites and social media sites where you can post a comment and use it to your advantage. Do-follow Forums are the best ones to choose and always remember to avoid spamming. 


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