How much online presence should my business have? #ABC2020

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#15 Diya Selva“You should be seen online as less as possible”, said no marketer ever! The world has already said goodbye to the times of Yellow Pages and newspapers. Now if you’re not online, you will hardly be seen or known.

Consumer behaviour has now switched to relying on technology, on the Internet to find them the best options for the services and products they need. But is it enough to just have a website? What more can you do? How much online presence is necessary?

It’s a no-brainer that on more platforms your business name is, the more exposure you have to your business. Just having a website and leaning back waiting for customers to find you and flock in is not cutting it. Currently there are almost 2 billion  websites on the Internet and approximately 380 new websites are being created every minute. So how will you get found?

In general, having a search engine optimized website is a must. Submitting your websites to search engines and directories also is also a must.

If you haven’t a clue on how to optimize your website to search engines or submit your site to online directories, give us a chance and we’ll be super happy to help. Here’s all the marketing services we offer and here’s how you can reach me to get started. 

Find out what social media platforms your competitors are on, and what platforms your customers hangout at. Get on those platforms and get social! Simply creating social media accounts does not give you social presence. Post every day and engage your audience. Relationships grow as trust builds and vice versa.

online presenceIf you are a skilled professional, write a blog and attach it to your website. Share your expertise freely. Guest blog for other websites for more exposure. When people find you skilled and knowledgeable, one day they’ll trust you enough to bring you their money.

Sign up on websites like Digg, LinkedIn and Quora where professionals answer questions. Answering questions and participating in discussions gives you an authentic credibility. A lawyer I know grew his clientele mostly by engaging local queries on Quora. Have your web link on your profiles on each platform, so people can find you for your services.

If you run a brick and mortar store or if you have a physical address, submit your address, phone number, website and email to every business directory you find on the Internet. Make sure your location is also listed on Google and Bing maps. Pay special attention to those that are popular in your country and to your niche.

Give outreach marketing a try. Reach out to bloggers and influencers with a pitch and convey to them your goal. Collaborate with the influencers and reach a bigger audience through their reach either via email or social media. This is meant to create long lasting relationships with the influencers and thus your reach is expanded to a larger audience.

Not every form of online presence is necessary or feasible for all kinds of businesses. To each his own. So the best way to go about establishing yourself on the Internet is to check out what your competition is doing. And try to shoot a notch above them.


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