7 Soft Skills of a Social Media Expert

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In 2010 I ran another business that required all my attention. I was not a social media expert. As a small business owner, it was hard financially and personally to delegate internal business tasks to outsiders, so I tried to take on everything I could, and that included social media marketing. Social media manager diya

Initially it was all fun. I thought it was as easy as updating everyday status, but I was wrong. I needed skills, knowledge, and strategy of a social media expert. 

After further study and research, plenty of online courses, working hands on with study group projects, I began learning a lot of things and was able to step up with my social media skills and accomplish more than what I ever thought I could.

I was not a professional then, but I put in the best of my hard work, diligence and efforts to become one. Social Media has become more in demand to people than visiting local stores near their area. Based on studies, almost 70 to 80 percent rely on social media when it comes to shopping, job hunting etc.

Let me share some of the skills you need to acquire to become a Social Media Expert.

Time Management

This is an essential expertise one develops over time. As to how other says it, “work smarter not harder,” don’t sit and stare at your computer all day. Avoid confusions and complications that can procrastinate your list of to-dos. Optimize your time to promote efficiency and productivity. Remember to do everything one step at a time, learn to multi-task if possible. 

Self-Orientation and Organization. 

You need to understand what you’re doing and what you want to do. Make a list weekly or daily to avoid chaotic situations that will sabotage your business. You need to be organized in regards to your work, life, and goals. Always bring a pen and paper with you and keep your planner up-to-date.  This way you avoid missing on important details and events.

Well Researched and Planned Campaigns

Learn what the people want and need, work on your assignment and do your research.  Make sure that you have a list of your goals and target sales you want to meet. Always be in line with the latest trends and be creative. Work your way to earn more followers to increase sales.

Think about the best campaign where you can attract more visitors and convert them to potential clients. Always think outside the box and think before you click. Social media undergoes changes everyday. I make it a habit to read up and analyze best social media campaigns online and by peers to get possible ideas. 

Using a Content Calendar to Plan and Schedule Posts Ahead of Time

I make regular and dedicated timetables for each client. Schedules are to post photos, shipping schedules, time for each social media platform, answering complex inquiries and other tasks. What is a content calendar? It’s a timetable where you can manage your all week, month and year-long events. This will avoid overlapping schedule that can ruin your business. A content calendar is no use without discipline, make sure you stick to your schedule and avoid procrastinating. 

Getting constantly updated through supplementary coursesstudy online diya selva

There are lots of courses out there online and in class that teach the insider hacks of social media marketing. Take some courses that you feel are necessary. Facebook Blueprint is one course I’d definitely recommend as it’s Facebook that gives out this detailed course. Udemy, Coursera and Lynda are three sites that come to mind that have lots of free and paid courses.

Being Social, Responding to Posts in a Timely Manner

Why be on social media if you are not social? I’ve come across way too many people / businesses that post interesting subject matter on social platforms and disappear. Social Media Marketing may be a part-time job for some people. But for some, it’s their only source of living. This has to be taken seriously and goals should be met from time to time. Make sure you do your best to answer every inquiry in a social, nice and timely manner. 

Being Consistent with Audience Engagement

Remember audience engagement is a vital part of being a social media expert. One cannot ace at doing social without first being social. One has to make sure that you as the owner and your branding has what it takes to encourage them to visit your social media page with interest.  Be consistent in sharing your page, telling people about it, promoting positive reviews and other ways how to improve audience engagement. 

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