Brand Identity? What’s that? #ABC2020

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#09 Brand Identity Diya SelvaTo a lot of people, brand identity, brand awareness, brand loyalty, all these are just jargons or buzzwords. The shortest way that brand identity can be defined as is ‘it is how you want your customers and prospective customers to perceive your brand or your products and services’.

Whether you are a small business or a micro minuscule business, brand identity is important. Brand identity is different from brand image. I’m thrilled I’m on day 9 of my April Blogging Challenge…

Brand identity is all the visible elements of your brand, your logo, the colours you use on your logo, your tagline, the fonts you use on your logo and tagline, the library of your graphical elements and your consistent styling of product and services.

Your brand identity is what separates you from other businesses or competitors. Your brand identity brings out the uniqueness in you. If you want your community to identify your business, remember you and what you have to offer, then you have to build a brand identity. Here is how you can get started.

#09 Brand Diya SelvaHave a solid brand strategy. Your strategy should be a plan that defines the big picture you want to achieve. And then build a plan that outlines steps to execute it. Inspect your brand identity at every phase, is it distinct? Does it stand out among competitors? Is it unique enough to catch people’s attention? Is it memorable? Does it make a visual and mental impact? Would you be able to stay consistent with it?

Start with pencil sketches or play with software. Build around elements that influence each other. Don’t use clashing styles. Create a synergy. Get plenty of feedback. Let your team and customers bring you their ideas and thoughts.

Here are two examples of brands I have worked with. Real names are withheld.

Helen runs a food takeout business with healthy options. Her brand wants to identify itself with natural health and clean eating, also, reflect environmental friendliness and sustainability. Her logo has two hands holding soil and a plant.

Her website uses cardboard brown and green color with black forms. (sort of like Starbucks) Her takeout boxes are brown cardboard with her logo and green stripes on it. (just like her website) Her social media and her newsletters look like her takeout box and always carry a picture of her take out box in its design.  The cardboard takeout boxes are made with recycled paper and are easily biodegradable. Her customers can identify her brand anywhere.

web design diya selvaMariam caters to birthday parties for little girls. Her logo is pink and brown cupcakes and the face of a little girl wearing a party hat. Her website is all pink and brown stripes with lots of glitter and pictures of partying little girls on it. Mariam uses the same shades of pink and brown for cakes, entertainer costumes, party favour bags, invitation cards and party decor and balloons. Her customers simply love her brand!

If you are emotionally in sync with who you are and what you wish to achieve, creating a brand identity should not be a challenge. If you have never paid attention to creating your unique brand, now is the best time. Get in touch with me today. Let’s sit down and talk about how we can brand you to stand out and shine.



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