Everything keeps changing, how do I deal with Change?

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#08 Deal with change Diya SelvaChange is the only thing that’s constant, said somebody. And it makes big sense because time keeps changing and every day you see a new innovation or a change in trend. I’m not lying when I say every single day is a struggle to deal with change and keep up with the trends of the world.

New laws and legislation, changes in algorithms of search engines, changes in the way people use social media, changes in every field of business that we decide to pursue. And we constantly need to keep rolling with the change or we die when we stick to old-school ways. Businesses stop being lucrative because business owners find it difficult to keep up with change.

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New World means new ideas manifesting into changing trends. Smart small business owners state of her right now break and make rapid changes necessary to stay in business and embrace innovation. Here is another post I wrote about embracing innovation.

Here are some examples of people who quickly adopted.

  1. A taxi driver I used to know, stopped buying license from the city for taxiing and instead decided to drive for Uber and Lyft. Later, to make his business more lucrative he signed up to deliver food with Skip The Dishes and Door Dash.
  2. A client of mine who runs a furniture and home accents shop in a small plaza in the suburbs of Toronto stopped being as profitable as he used to be. But when he saw rising trends in e-commerce, he hired my agency to turn on his business into a digital platform. He now Makes 60% of his business via his online store.  He also listed most of his inventory on Amazon and eBay to now find himself shipping large number of packages of on a daily basis.
  3. When Reema saw that Facebook marketing was not giving her the same kind of return on investment for her spa business, she moved her focus to marketing on Pinterest and Instagram. In social media it’s always the agile that win.
  4. A lawyer stopped spending lots of money on radio and TV advertisements and simply resorted to answering questions on LinkedIn and Quora. He was surprised initially at how people realized his expertise and simply decided to hire him because of that.

Change diya selvaWhen everything is always changing, it just takes a few minutes every day to read up on changing trends and focus on how one can bring in the new ideas that are gaining popularity. In small business, you either follow the right trend that is good for you or create your own trend.

But it comes to making changes adhering to changes happening everywhere, keep a few things in mind.

Ask yourself, does this change affect my business? What do I need to change in my business? Why should I make this change? Will it impact my business if I do not make the change. How will my customers be affected? Will my business still keep up if I don’t make this change?

Once you have decided to make the necessary changes, communicate it well with the team if you have one. Make sure the change is communicated well to our customers via your website, newsletters, social media channels and with physical signs if you have a brick-and-mortar location.

Educate your team members or staff with proper and adequate training via various delivery methods. Provide ongoing support for staff and customers until the change becomes the norm. Identify the change, make the change, embrace the change, BE THE CHANGE. Because if you fight the change, you lose.

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