What can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

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Virtual Assistant Diya SelvaWhat can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant? Well, a lot. You might be your business’s founder and overall manager. But that doesn’t mean you have to complete every task on your own. A virtual assistant or an online business manager can handle most nitty gritty tasks that come with running a business smoothly.

Managing a business comes with a lot of tasks – bookkeeping, data entry, website management, marketing and advertising etc. These tasks have to be fulfilled for goals to be achieved. Hiring part or full time employees used to be the go-to solution, but not anymore. The business world has discovered that one can outsource to virtual assistants and marketing agencies is cheaper than taking on new employees. That is so, especially if you are a new start-up.

If you’re wondering what VAs can really do for your business, we give you a few ideas.

Here are 7 tasks you can outsource to virtual assistants and marketing agencies today.


VA Diya SelvaFor a small business, hiring an accountant to manage books of accounts can be quite expensive. A virtual assistant can still manage your finances, balance your books of accounts, create monthly reports and other bookkeeping activities at a much lower fee than a full time employee.

Social media marketing and management

Social media is important for leads generation and business, but it can be hard to save time for. You can hire a virtual assistant to create social media accounts for you and manage them every day, manage your social media adverts, moderate conversations on your social accounts and more. Find out if your virtual assistant is a social media expert

Website development and management

Whether you can do it yourself or not, a good virtual assistant can be a great help when starting out with your website. Right from customizing templates, selecting plugins, working with code, updating the website to managing its pages, a virtual assistant can help you do more than you can handle.

Data entry and transcription

For businesses that deal with big data on a daily basis, data entry may prove to be a regular task. For a low fee, you can get a virtual assistant to do that and other tasks such as transcription for you.

Content writing and SEO

Let’s face it. Not everyone can write good copy. And all good websites need compelling copy to attract traffic. Get yourself an experience content writer to provide content for your website with your supervision. You can also ask them to optimize your website’s SEO and manage your blog.

Event planning and management

In the ideal world, event planning is done by personal assistants and secretaries. In today’s evolving world, virtual assistants can do everything from planning trips, scheduling meetings, booking spaces, updating calendars and more. They can also give you industry updates you might have missed.

Email management

You can also hire a virtual assistant to save you the trouble of email management. A VA can respond to emails, remind you of important emails, organize messages, manage list segmentation, manage auto-responders, create follow up emails and more.

Other tasks you can outsource to VAs include;

+Graphic design

+online research

+Proofreading and speech writing

+Audio and video editing

Contact me for a full list of tasks my team of virtual assistants can do for you.

Don’t get burned out by trying to complete all the tasks presented by your business. Outsource to my team of virtual assistants to help you today! Hit the contact button on my website’s menu and write me a brief note on tasks that you need help with. Don’t be shy!

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