What can I do about video and live stream marketing?

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Video Content Marketing Diya SelvaPeople have turned very visual and the greatest part of content marketing has gone video and livestream marketing. on Day 27 of April Blog Challenge, let’s talk about video marketing!

Video Marketing

Video blogs, YouTube content, Vimeo, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are a few things I can think of that have totally captured people’s attention in the present day.  Host informational, educative, captivating, fun videos on your website that are absolutely result focused.  Invite people to like and subscribe to your video content so that they are always on top of your fresh content as you feed.

Interactive Sessions

Actively engage with your audience in webinars, hold question and answer sessions, interviews with experts or celebrities if that fits into your niche. Listen very carefully to what your audience has to say, take criticism and requests politely and always follow up with email.

Product demonstrations.

These are a very powerful sales tool. Keep these informative, educational and engaging, add some humour and make people curious about your product. The more compelling your demo video is, the more your product will sell. Focus on how your product can provide solutions to your customer’s pain. Cool features are just an added bonus.

User generated content

Make use of user generated content in your marketing affairs. If you have a great  product, have customers try them out on video and present a review of the item. Unpacking videos are very popular among current day bloggers. For added exposure to your products, collaborate with bloggers and influencers and send them your product for free so that they can try it out and talk to their audience about why they should be raving over it. Nothing is bigger advertising than positive reviews from real users.

Get brand ambassadors do your video advertising

Brand ambassadors are your top customers that love your product and rave about them. Offer them steeped discounts on your products and they in turn will help raise brand awareness among their following, thus increasing your sales. The more popular these influencers are, the better your brand stands to gain.

Capture leads with free courses

Lead capturing at its best with pre-recorded classrooms on various topics. If you are an expert at something, teach! Create small video courses on your niche topic and capture leads as interested people sign up with their email to avail themselves of your classes. These people are already interested in what you have to sell. Funnel on from here.

 Social media live

Facebook and Instagram Live are free platforms you can use to connect with your audience and it is so easy, a kid can do this. Never do impromptu live sessions as they might appear unprofessional and could hurt your brand. Have a strategy in place. Schedule and promote your live sessions for maximum participants and let people know ahead of time what your topic of content will be before you make the actual appearance.

I’ll be writing more in detail, but I’m strapped for time for today. It’s day 27 of my April Blog Challenge. Whoa! It’s been a challenging journey alright!










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